Education and Outreach

We hold guided tours which includes the reconstructed First World War trenches on the hour every hour during opening hours, last tour an hour before closing. These are interactive educational tours. Our expert guides have a great knowledge of the First World War and in particular the Battle of the Somme and of the role Ireland played in it, as well as the history of the Home Rule Crises and history of Women in the War.

Within our exhibits we have an extensive collection of artefacts as well as stories, historical accounts and general educational information.

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Primary school education

The Museum has seen a rise in Primary School visits in particular with the Centenary of the start of the First World War. The education session provided is designed to grab the interest of the younger student and includes a guided tour of our First World War interactive exhibition and a talk on the weapons and equipment of war. Students learn about life in the trenches. Time is then set aside so that the pupil can view the other exhibitions within the Museum. For more information and bookings please contact the Museum. These are popular events so booking by schools in advance is essential. School may bring their own packed lunches and a seated area will be provided.

We are taking bookings for school visits. Book at

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NI 100 Centenary Education Resources

These resources include two reading books ‘Granny Remembers’ and ‘Happy Birthday Northern Ireland’ along with associated curricular activities, suitable for pupils in Foundation and Key Stage 1. The resources have been written by educational practitioners and adhere to all aspects of the effective planning, learning and teaching in the classroom. Within the resources, ideas have also been presented for pupils with additional need.

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Download 'Granny Remembers' booklet
Download 'Granny Remembers' curricular activities
Download 'Happy Birthday NI' booklet
Download 'Happy Birthday NI' curricular activities

Produced by the Somme Museum, in conjunction with the NI 100 Centenary Committee, these resources were funded by the Department for Communities.

“A” Level History Conference

Once a year the Museum organises "A" Level history conferences, which are designed for AS and A2 students. The conference is hosted by academic lecturers and covers the details relevant to the school curriculum. These are popular events so booking by schools in advance is essential.

Key Stage Three

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This is a popular guided tour for year ten students, it covers part of their relevant school syllabus on this period. A detailed tour covering the Home Rule Crisis and the First World War is key to this visit. The tour covers the causes of the First World War, enlistment & recruitment, the role of women, medicine, life in the trenches with a walk through the Museum's trench experience. There is a hands on session with weapons of war. These are popular events so booking by schools in advance is essential. An area will be made available for pupils to eat their break or lunch. Please book in advance.

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Community Outreach programme

The staff of the museum offer a huge variety of events which include visits to schools, clubs and community groups offering lectures, presentations and exhibitions. Working with these outside groups and organisations helps increase awareness and improve mutual understanding as well as supporting a more cohesive community, exploring identity and shared remembering. Some of the presentations available are:

• The Formation of the Ulster Volunteer Force and the 36th (Ulster) Division.
• The History of the 36th (Ulster) Division.
• Women in the First World War.
• The Representation of the People's Act & The Suffrage Movement
• The 10th (Irish) Division at Gallipoli
• The History of the Somme Association
• The Thiepval Wood Project.
• Out of the wood and into history.
• Voices of World War Two.
• Voices from the Home Front. (WW2)
• The Armistice and the After-mast
• The Irish at the Somme- Two Irish Divisions
• Entwined Misconceptions
• An introduction to 'The British Indian Army in the First World War- Khudadad Khan VC'

For further information phone the Somme Museum on 02891823202 or email Carol Walker

Special Educational needs

The Museum is fully accessible and can adjust the educational tour to suit all abilities and learning need. Special hands on tours, with prior arrangement, are also available for visually impaired students. The Museum’s interactive tour can accommodate students with poor mobility and a wheelchair is available if required . A portable hearing loop for the guided tour is also available for those with hearing difficulties.