The Somme Museum

Northern Ireland

In 1994 the Somme Association established the Somme Heritage Centre at Conlig, between Newtownards and Bangor in Co. Down. The Centre is a fully accredited museum, providing exhibitions, displays and information, and is an institution for the study and interpretation of Ireland's contribution to the First World War, with particular reference to the Battle of the Somme. It was built with the support of European and local funding combined with a major fund raising effort, supported by the public, to commemorate the involvement of the 36th (Ulster) Division, 16th (Irish) Division and 10th (Irish) Division in the First World War.

Parties of school children as well as community groups, Church groups, Regimental Associations, and members of the public and their families visit the Museum regularly and learn of the sacrifices made by others in the past for the freedom they enjoy today. Since 2000 the Museum has expanded into the Second World War and other modern international conflicts.

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The Museum has an extensive collection of material from the First World War period and in the last number of years a growing collection of World War Two artefacts including a large oral history archive. The Museum has also provided a home for a number of war memorials from local churches and community buildings that no longer exist.

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In 2014 the Somme Heritage Centre was formally renamed the Somme Museum.

Throughout the year the Museum holds various events, the majority open to the public and free of charge, on topics associated with the First World War.